How you make money in your house

1- Sell second hand items. The classic option. The traditional platforms: eBay, Vibbo (formerly known as Segundamano), milanuncios … However, in our country have emerged in recent years new platforms that substantially improve the options for the user.



2 – Answer surveys. Answering surveys a money change is one of those legality options has always been doubted. But it will reassure you to know that accessing surveys. Stuffing them and making money in return is a totally legal practice. If you are interested, you have enough options, Feebbo (1 euro per survey answered), Global Testing Market (cash through BBVA cards), My Survey (cash through PayPal but also in gift certificates And El Corte Inglés Discount Cards) or Opinion Center (payments through PayPal), among other options. None of these websites makes you rich without taking a salary, but I can deal with small expenses of your day to day.


If you have free time, you can always get extra money for small loads: from simple errands to small professional jobs


3.- Scrap Webs. If you have free time, you can always get extra money for small loads, which can go from simple errands to small professional jobs. In this type of services: the best known sea Etece, which is more generalist, but also can get you money in easy family, cleaning services for pets and net Many other


4.- The social network that pays for publishing. If you’ve ever stopped to think about the time you throw them before Facebook or Twitter without office or benefit, this initiative may interest you. This is Tsu, a social network that pays money to its users for public content on its platform. In Tsu you can earn money and publish the content, if you help spread it or if you help the platform get new users. The story of the platform



5.- Shortening links. Yes, as you read it. If you dedicate to a web url (as is usually done on Twitter) you can also earn small amounts of money. That is less the intention of Adfly, a platform that aims to pay money by shortening those web addresses. Obviously, there is not as fast as shortening the address, but you also have to share the URL in your social networks and